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Your digital bouncer

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Your digital bouncer

With an access control system, you protect your assets from unauthorized access. They grant authorized persons access to buildings and systems. At the same time, you deny access to unauthorized persons with your digital bouncer. Access control can define an authorized group of people both spatially and temporally.

The identification at the access control can be done with different media.

These can be active, passive or biometric.

We and our expert partners will be happy to support you in the planning and subsequent installation of your access control. The selection ranges from conventional individual solutions to complex solutions with their own management system.

The advantages of access control systems in a nutshell:

  • Protection of people, property and data
  • Alarm in the event of unauthorized access or attempted manipulation
  • Organized access by authorized persons using individually definable access authorizations
  • easy modification of permissions through software programming
  • uncomplicated and cost-effective handling in the event of loss of identification media (no need to exchange locking cylinders or other system components, but simply block the lost medium such as magnetic cards or transponders, RFID)
  • potentially possible connection with time recording systems